Simulator sessions

A simulator session can help you make faster progress with:

  • developing your listening skills (including hearing your own bell)
  • ringing rounds and leading
  • learning to 'cover' on the tenor (for any method on any number of bells)
  • learning Plain Hunt from any bell
  • ringing the treble (including treble bob)
  • learning to 'count your place', ringing by rhythm
  • sight-reading: an exhilarating ride! Ring a method you haven't seen before
  • mastering the 'blue line' for more advanced methods and touches

You will quickly learn to ring by listening (i.e. by rhythm and 'place'), as there are no other ringers or ropes to distract you. For more information on using the simulator, please scroll down the page.

(You could also use your session to work on your handling and bell-control skills - or to practise raising and lowering a single bell)

For a guided programme of work that will take you from covering on the tenor - to treble dodging, we recommend our Counting your Place training programme.

Individual and group sessions
When arranging these sessions (or demonstrations) we try to be as flexible as possible, to suit your availabilty:

  • mid-week or on a Saturday; morning, afternoon or evening; one-hour or two-hour sessions
  • work on your own, bring a friend or come as a group
  • work on whatever you wish (or choose something from the above list)

Whether it's an individual session or a group session, the focus is on individual development and we aim to give you plenty of 'rope time'.


Please go to the Booking tab and fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Ringing with the simulator
Someone will be there to operate the simulator for you. They can also help you to plan your session and achieve your goals.

You will be ringing on a silenced bell - the simulator provides the sound of the bell ringing. It feels and sounds just like you're ringing on an open bell - in fact, after a couple of minutes ringing, it's quite hard to tell the difference.

The simulator can also provide a 'virtual' supporting band of any number of expert, well-struck ringers - from four bells up to twelve bells (and beyond!).