New to ringing?
Sit back and watch the videos and documentaries on our Learn to Ring page, to find out more about this fascinating pastime.

Sadly, we have had to cancel teaching at Chigwell Ringing Centre currently, due to the coronavirus restrictions. We will resume as soon as clearance is given.

Our one-to-one sessions are held at St Mary's, Chigwell. We run a varied programme of workshops, courses and practice sessions, with something to interest ringers at all levels.

All teaching, coaching and facilitation provided free of charge however students may wish to Gift-Aid a donation to church funds for each session (£5 per hour suggested).

Bellringing school, tuition, classes, courses, workshops, and lessons at St Mary's Chigwell Ringing Center in Essex. Campanology training: for experienced bellringers and for beginners covering call changes, changing ringing and method ringing. Ideal recreation or hobby for young and old.  Club, association, group, society, organisation. Most of our events are free of charge (foc).
  • Learn to Ring Follow this link to find out how you can become a ringer (and how long it will take). This basic bell handling course also teaches you about ringing with others (thanks to our simulator) and by the time you've learned to handle a bell, you'll already have a basic understanding of how methods work. You'll soon be ready to join one of our regular practices and ring with a band!

  • Improve your Ringing Skills Our simulator software (Virtual Belfry) means you can now take your ringing to the next level with this flexible, individualised training programme. Join at any point that matches your current level and, step-by-step, master this comprehensive set of essential ringing skills
    Basic Ropesight: from simple Rounds - to ringing Plain Hunt 'by numbers'
    Advanced Ropesight: 'spotting' the bell you need to follow and noticing patterns in the ringing
    Improving your striking: developing your awareness of speed and rhythm, through listening and continuous self-assessment
    Agility Training: (No, you won't be asked to fetch a ball or jump through a hoop, but you will...) learn how to 'set up' your next stroke and execute 'clean' dodges at hand and back
    Counting and Tracking your Place while following a memorized Blue Line
    Sight-reading a new method

  • "Secret Stedman"
    We use Stedman Doubles as a rich source of material for exercises in advanced ringing techniques even if you are nowhere near being able to ring the whole method with a band! Using the simulator we can start the method from any bell's start position. This will let you practice memorising a blue line (just a short segment) which can then be used to focus on: ropesight, striking, advanced rope-handling, hunting, dodging, place making, point blows - all of these both "right" and "wrong" (on the opposite stroke). Before you know it, you'll be ringing the whole method with confidence - and with excellent ropesight!

  • Stedman Doubles Practices
    These occasional practices take place at Theydon Garnon on selected Monday evenings, from 7:30pm. If you can confidently ring plain courses of Stedman Doubles, or if you have just learned the method and and would like some extra practice, come and join us. These practices are supported by ringers from West Ham, Theydon Garnon, Shenfield, Leyton, Leytonstone and Chigwell. Please email or phone to be included in announcements for this group. If you are keen to learn Stedman, come to a Secret Stedman session instead (see above).

  • Simulator and Bell-handling Workshops Come along if you want to work on any aspect of your handling technique. You can practice alone, or with a teacher, or with the simulator. Book a session to work on a specific technique or a method of your choice - from Plain Hunt to Surprise Royal. Contact Graham Foat at Chigwell Ringing Centre

  • Multi-Method Treble Dodging Minor
    We would like to start a new group for those who can already ring inside to any Treble Bob Minor method (Kent, Oxford, Cambridge Suprise Minor, etc) and would like to explore how they can ring even more methods by combining two 'known' methods to produce a new one. We already have four ringers who are able to ring at this level, so we are looking for two more (one of whom might be someone who can treble confidently to any treble-bob method).

For more information, explore the links or contact the Ringing Centre.

Chigwell Ringing Centre supports ringers in SW Essex, East London and beyond. We can help you take your ringing skills to the next level.

The Chigwell band

The local Chigwell band practices most Thursday evenings. Contact the Tower Captain, Will Worth, for more information (see the Contact page for details). Experienced ringers are always welcome to support these practices.