New to ringing?
Sit back and watch the videos and documentaries on our Learn to Ring page, to find out more about this fascinating pastime.

We have moved (temporarily) to All Saints, Theydon Garnon

while telecoms engineering work is carried out at St Marys, Chigwell. This work is planned to finish by the end of the year.

Ringing Centre Training
We run a varied programme of workshops, courses and practice sessions, with something to interest ringers at all levels. Click the links below for more details. Bellringing school, tuition, classes, courses, workshops, and lessons at St Mary's Chigwell Ringing Center in Essex. Campanology training: for experienced bellringers and for beginners covering call changes, changing ringing and method ringing. Ideal recreation or hobby for young and old.  Club, association, group, society, organisation. Most of our events are free of charge (foc).
            These midweek practices are held ad hoc, once or twice a month, either in the morning or the afternoon.
            Our next practice will be held at 10am on Monday 29th October at All Saints, Theydon Garnon. All are welcome.
            You will be ringing with experienced ringers from local towers. So if you are learning something new, this is a perfect opportunity to practice it. We usually ring a range of four, five and six bell methods (from Plain Hunt, up to Stedman Doubles, Kent TB Minor and Cambridge Surprise Minor)
            Please contact the Ringing Centre if you are interested in attending.

  • Monday Minimus
    This practice (Monday evenings from 7:30pm) is for those who are interested in progressing from Plain Hunt to simple method ringing. We are currently looking at a range of Minimus (four bell) methods, including Bastow Little Bob Minimus, Badbury Minimus, Barton Little Bob Minimus, Rhubarb Hybrid Minimus and Plain Bob Minimus. These methods can be useful for Sunday Service ringing when only a few ringers are available, or where beginners are being included in the band. We are also slowly working through the Inside Change Ringing course (see below). Please email or phone to book.

  • Simulator and Bell-handling Workshops
    Come along if you want to work on any aspect of your handling technique. You can practice alone, or with a teacher, or with the simulator. Please email or phone to book.

  • Inside Change Ringing
       This course can be delivered one-to-one or in small groups. It is a very practical introduction to the theory of method ringing. Maybe you are an experienced ringer - or perhaps you are about to have your first bell-handling lesson. Wherever you are in your ringing career, you will be welcome on this course.
       The course is supported by our comprehensive workbook of course notes and exercises. Please click the above link for the more detailed description in the Course Overview.
       Contact Graham Foat for dates and to book a place. We also welcome enquiries from Tower Captains interested hosting this course at their own tower. The course can be delivered in regular half-hour sessions, as part of your other practice night activities (a simulator is not required).

  • Multi-Method Treble Dodging Minor
    These sessions are for you if you can already ring inside to any Treble Bob Minor method (e.g. Kent or Oxford) or to (e.g.) Cambridge Suprise Minor and would like to explore how you can ring even more methods by combining two 'known' methods to produce a new one! Please contact the Ringing Centre for details.

  • Counting your Place individual training programme. From covering on the tenor - to treble dodging, these personalised simulator sessions focus on good striking by developing your awareness of speed and rhythm, by listening and by 'counting your place'

  • Simulator Sessions Book a session to work on a specific technique or a method of your choice - from Plain Hunt to Surprise Royal

  • Learn to Ring. How you can become a ringer (and how long it will take). This course now includes most of the topics from our Inside Change Ringing course (see above), so by the time you've learned to handle a bell, you'll already understand how methods work and be keen to join a band! We also offer half-day Intensive Training.

For more information, explore the links or contact Graham Foat at Chigwell Ringing Centre.

Chigwell Ringing Centre supports ringers in SW Essex, East London and beyond. We can help you take your ringing skills to the next level.

The Chigwell band

The local Chigwell band practices most Thursday evenings. Contact the Tower Captain, Will Worth, for more information (see the Contact page for details). Experienced ringers are always welcome to support these practices.